“Nothing compares to you”

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“Nothing compares to you” “Without comparison” why? Easybarf is the only dogfood on the

market, which consists entirely of dried meat and bones, as well as naturally extracted

vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Meat and bone content of Easybarf constitutes 99,2%.

The remaining 0.8% is made up of vitamins/minerals and micronutrients.

“What´s love got to do with it?”

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“What ´ s love got to do with it?” EVERYTHING : Easybarf ® is made out of love for

and fascination of the amazing animals our dogs are. The dogs share our life in every

aspect. They help people in situations where our own abilities and senses are not

sufficient. They give us unconditional love and have no hidden agendas. They are

totally dependent on our care and we decide everything in their lives.

They deserve the best.

“My Way”


“My Way” Is nature’s way. The wolf´s way. The wolf´s way of life and food

choice has formed the basis for the development of Easybarf. They can catch

all sizes of ungulates, living in their habitat and they do not back down for a

musk oxen or a bison. Wolves do not eat berries, bark and roots. Even

times of food shortage, cannot make the wolf eat these things. That is why

these food items are not found in Easybarf. If the grass on the savanna

dries up the zebra’s doesn’t start eating meat!

“Only You”

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Only you can make the decision. If you decide to give your dog a high

quality food from Easybarf you can choose from several different products:

The Easybarf series consists of a number of products that are adapted to the different life stages of your dog.

  • “Standard”       for the adult dog without health problems.
  • “Light”          for the overweight dog .
  • “Game”           for the active dog.
  • “Up & Move”      for the older dog or dogs with problems in the musculoskeletal system.
  • “Life Start”     for puppies from 3 weeks of age. 

All Easybarf ® products are produced with the finest raw materials. Quality without compromises.

“Healthy dogs is our mission”


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Easybarf ®

The easy alternative for you who would like to feed BARF but do not have

the option to store frozen meat.  In recent years a growing awareness has

emerged regarding the quality of the food we are offering our dogs.

As the frequency of diseases among our dogs has increased we have become

more aware of the factors which affect our dogs’ health among these,

the nutrition.  Our dogs show the same symptoms and develop the

same diseases as humans, such as  allergies, digestive disorders,

metabolic disorders and cancer. Our dogs are affected by several

environmental and heritable (genetic) factors, and we humans are

to a great extent responsible for this.  A requisite for a good health

begins with the proper nutrition and provides us with a unique

opportunity to make a huge difference by feeding our dogs the optimum.

Nature has the formula for a healthy and nutritious diet.

This fact is the fundamental philosophy behind our BARF

feeding method, namely a species specific diet that is grass

for a horse, bamboo leaves for a giant panda and meat for a dog

that is a meat eating carnivore, as the dog originates from the gray wolf.

The domestication of the dog/wolf has not changed this fact.

The horses of today still eats grass, like their wild ancestors.

By feeding our dogs natural food, suitable for a carnivore,

we supply the dogs with nutrients in their original form and

composition. This leads to an optimal uptake and utilisation

of the diet. By doing this we can provide the best conditions

to keep our dogs as healthy as possible.

Easybarf ® A complete meal—the easy way

Easybarf ®  has conducted research in the area of proper nutrition

for our dogs with great success during many years. Many clients have

experienced problems with the storage of frozen meat, which makes

it more difficult to feed the dog raw food both at home and on vacation.

At the same time our wolf studies has supplied us with valuable

knowledge about the prey they bury in the Arctic, where the cold and

dry frosty wind dries out a prey , left for hard times.
For many years we have been working hard to mimic this drying

process resulting in our dry products.

Easybarf ® is a further development, where we have refined the

drying process of the meat. We have made a formula consisting of

different sorts of meat, which satisfies the requirement for nutrients,

which correspond to the raw frozen barf diet.

Easybarf ® contains a complete set of nutrients mixed with our unique

vitamin and mineral supplement. Together this combination provides

the optimal nutritional conditions for a carnivore.

Easybarf ® contains no artificial additives, that means no E numbers,

no dyes anti-caking agents, preservatives, cereals or other of dogs

unnecessary substances.


Easybarf ®  pure as 24 carat gold